What I Believe

Theologically speaking, I am conservative. Raised a Southern Baptist (both SBC and a Baptist who lives in the south), I align with some of the Southern Baptist Convention’s beliefs and with the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ beliefs. I also lean a bit in the Reformed camp (i.e., aligning with Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Spurgeon, Moody, etc.). Now, I am not a caged Calvinist. I am not a Calvinist that thinks you must believe the way I do or you are not a Christian. I know some of those, and that is not a representation of the gospel in Scripture. I say all of this only to add I am still figuring out for sure what I believe. I enjoy reading theologians from across the spectrum of the Chrisitan tradition. I am thankful the seminary I attend affords me that opportunity and has instilled in me a longing to read those with whom I disagree.

Now, the title of this page is “What I Believe”, so I will tell you. This is not exhaustive nor set in stone, but for now, I think will suffice.

Bible: The Bible is the written revelation of God; infallible, authoritative, and sufficient for Christian faith and practice.

God: God exists in three persons-Father, Son, and Spirit- but is eternally one God. We are monotheistic. I will do my best to not “gender” God (this is an ongoing discussion in theological education), but invariably, “he/He” will come out. This is how I was raised for 23 years, and that is something hard to change. I ask for patience and grace if you find that gender-labeling offensive.

Salvation: Jesus Christ stated as clear as any person can: one cannot see the kingdom of God without faith in Christ. John writes the same in his epistles. However, though I believe you are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone (there is some of that Reformation theology), I do believe James when he writes that our faith alone is dead if good works are not produced in our lives. Jesus says, “You will know them by their fruit.” That applies to all Christians around the globe.

Marriage: This is a hot-topic both for politicians and pastors. I unapologetically stand in affirmation of what is called “traditional” marriage; that is, God ordained marriage from the beginning of time to be between one man and one woman in covenant with God until death. I have friends who affirm same-sex marriage. I refuse to not be friends with them simply because they believe differently than I do. I have a lot to learn from them, and I hope they learn from me, too.

The End: I do not have a specific end times theology. I once believed in premillennial dispensationalism, but no longer is the case. I do not know nor do I care to know when Christ is going to return. Scripture’s warning that it will be when we least expect it is good enough for me. I try not to get caught up in the trappings of end times theology. Christ promises He will return and that is good enough for me.

Thanks for reading. As I said before, this is not an exhaustive list. What other doctrinal positions would you include? Send me a message or email and lets discuss!