New Testament Theology

There are numerous books on the theology found in the New Testament (as well as the Old Testament). Not all of them synthesize the views of the Gospels, Acts, Pauline Letters, and the General Epistles well. I suspect this book will top the ranks of those books.

I. Howard Marshall’s book, “New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel” is thoroughly Christ-centered and bears in mind that not every reader is a New Testament scholar or theologian. Marshall’s writing style keeps this in mind and breaks down each book specifically to guide the reader through and understand the theology embedded within the text.

The question is often asked about the “unity” of the biblical text and yet how does the Church come up with different interpretations? Howard addresses this question well in his chapter “Diversity and Unity in the New Testament”, and the whole book, based upon four (4) purposes: first, it is essential for the Church to undertake the biblical theology of the New Testament; secondly, the “theological activity” of the New Testament from “the missionary context in which it took place”; thirdly, to examine each book individually (even Luke-Acts volumes); and finally, to discover the theological unity of the books in the canon. Despite the breadth of information covered, Marshall

I greatly appreciate the layout of the book (book-by-book analysis) but also appreciate, as one reviewer said, “keeping the themes of the books in cohesion with the Author’s themes.” Marshall has succeeded in providing the Church with an enduring text to understand the cohesive theological nature of the New Testament as well as the theological emphases of each book. I think you will appreciate his methodology, layout, and the knowledge you will gain that is edifying to your faith and the witness of the Church.

I received this book from InterVarsity Press (IVPress, IVP) in exchange for an honest review. Words stated are mine unless otherwise stated. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


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