Is this our time?

“This is Our Time” by Trevin Wax is a book written for pastors and students today. It contains messages for all of us affected by the distorted self-image promoted by social media and Hollywood celebrities. In an age based upon likes, comments, and shares, all stemming from social media followers, it is paramount that Christians realize this is our time, but this is not our home. This is our time to do what God has called us to do, not to focus upon what we have hoped society would approve of us predicated upon the “right filter” used.

As one who has taken a hiatus from the pressures of social media and the digital world, a world in which we can create a totally new self-image and reputation, I realized the necessity to remained centered on Christ and Christ’s cross; upon Christ’s call and working of Christ’s Spirit in and around me instead of the piece of technology which often rests in my hands. This piece of technology controls more than we know. The iPhone (or Galaxy, or LG, whichever you use) tells us “myths.” It is these myths that Trevin Wax addresses in, “This is Our Time.”

In fact, the first chapter he writes is that the phone tells myths (e.g., dealing with self-image and addiction to a screen). He also covers Hollywood being “after our heart,” the role of Santa in our society, our addiction to shopping and materialism, the role of marriage, the “sexual rebellion” (which addresses abstaining from sexual activity prior to marriage), and concludes with the wobbling world and the empty tomb.

You see, according to Scripture, our role in this world is focusing on the empty tomb (ironic that I write this review during Holy Week!). All of these entities and possession seek to tell us “lies” or “myths” which generally center around our self-worth. Our self-worth is not in what we own. Trevin Wax communicates this timely message coherently and cogently with a sense of urgency and compassion. I hope you’ll read and accept the call that “this is our time.”

Disclaimer: I received this book from B&H Publishers (of Lifeway) in exchange for an honest review. The opinion expressed is my own.

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