Jesus-Name Above All Names

You might have heard the songs, “Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know,” or, “Jesus, Name Above All Names,” and rightfully so. Jesus is the centerpiece, focal point of the Christian faith and Scripture.

In his book, “Jesus,” A.W. Tozer writes 17 essays, or sermons, looking at specific insights on the ministry of the Son of God. Something like “Attributes of God” or “God’s Pursuit of Man,” “Jesus” is devotional in nature. It contains serious theological insight and knowledge to be learned but written in such a way (and length) that it is valuable to read any time of the day (notice I said devotional in nature; not necessarily exclusively devotional).

Not only do I appreciate Tozer’s writing style in this book, I also appreciate the “Reflect” section at the end of each chapter. One chapter might cover Jesus’ Resurrection and at the end, the questions ask the reader to become aware of the power of Christ’s resurrection, consider how our mission (Great Commission) is related to the resurrection event, and how we as Christians can demonstrate the power of the resurrection in our lives (109, chapter entitled, The Resurrection).

As we approach Easter, and most certainly after Easter as well as in preparation for Advent, Christians look for “top-notch” works that bring cause for contemplation, meditation, and reflection of the events mentioned above. I would submit that Tozer’s, “Jesus,” should be greatly considered for any time of the year and that any reader will greatly benefit spiritually as s/he walks continuously with Christ.


Disclaimer: I received this book from Moody Press for free in exchange for an honest review.

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