Christians and Justice

Disclaimer: I received this book from Moody Press in exchange for an honest review.

J. Paul Nyquist in Is Justice Possible? presents a case for Christians to actively seek justice for the downtrodden in society. Today, the term justice is a loaded term. Everyone wants justice. We want justice for police shootings, we want justice for criminals found guilty, we want justice for Christians, Muslims, and the like. As Christians, we are to demand justice. We are to demand proper justice, justice through the courts. However, we must also recognize that perfect justice will not come until Christ Jesus returns in His glory. Regardless of whenever that is to happen, we have a call to answer.

To begin talking about justice, we must first define what justice is. That is how Nyquist begins his book along with our role in securing justice. He then poses the question, “Why is justice elusive?” and it is in these chapters that we find the human reasons for our justice system being the way it is. Nyquist argues it is because we make unjust laws, we have limited knowledge, we have darkened understanding, and we have an implicit bias. In part three Nyquist gives the practical solutions to doing justice. We are to do justice in political, public, and personal arenas of life. Finally, he concludes with the Christian hope of justice. Jesus reigns in the Kingdom of God where all will be made right.

With the rise of social activism, it is important to realize we have a role. We must play a role. We cannot be passive. That is the call being issued by Nyquist in his book. To want justice, we must understand from whom ultimate justice comes. For the Christian, that is God and God’s holiness. It is then our calling and command to be the Kingdom of God here while we await Christ’s return to establish the Kingdom in its glory. We have the responsibility to ourselves and our neighbor to seek justice. When we see wrong, we speak.

My favorite chapters were the ones concerning the practical aspect of executing justice (personal, political, and public). Nyquist does not shy away from tough statistics and circumstances that surround us. We daily hear of incarceration after incarceration yet at the same time blame fathers for not being present in the family. This is one of many examples which Nyquist points out, analyzes, and calls on Christians to step up. I appreciate Nyquist’s ability and courage to not back down from a “prophetic call” of sorts for Christians.

I hope you pick up this book, read it, digest it, and act. Nyquist presents a biblical case for seeking justice and I hope you will join me, him, and Christians around the world in seeking justice.

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