Hot Topic: Marriage

*Disclaimer: I received this book from B&H Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

The Gospel for Life Series edited by President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Dr. Russell Moore, and Andrew Walker seeks to take the Gospel, the story of every Christian’s redemption and adoption, and apply it to every aspect of life (racial reconciliation, sanctity of life, marriage, etc.). In this volume, Dr. Moore and Walker address the topic of marriage.

Dr. Moore is no stranger to the marriage debate arena. Politically and religiously, Dr. Moore has stood consistently for a “conservative” or “traditional” understanding of human sexuality and marriage. No doubt he has received his fair share of criticism and praise, Moore does not let these events detract from what he believes to be the standard set in God’s Word. It should be said, then, that this book is written from a conservative, traditional perspective on marriage.

These two scholars engage with many angles on the perspective of marriage. They look at how God has defined it, in fact, the beginning is found from God, how God is glorified within marriage (by the submission of the wife and love of the husband), how Christians should live within their marriage concerning the present culture, and how the church should engage culture and marriage. Something must be said of the section concerning the submission of the wife and love of the husband: this is written from a complementarian position, not egalitarian. For this position, too, Dr. Moore and many prominent Southern Baptist scholars have received criticism and praise.

Admittedly, I did enjoy this book. For the series in which it is apart, it fits the flow, the theme well. There is not much speculation concerning what marriage is, but is based on the understanding of God’s Word from the beginning. I do appreciate, too, the definition of marriage in that it is a covenant. It is not necessarily a social, cultural, or even economical obligation, but a covenant made between the married and God. Dr. Moore and Walker take seriously marriage is not to be entered into lightly because of all who become involved and invested.

In all, I enjoyed this book. It provided a different perspective and insight on marriage I had not considered, and I hope you will read, digest, reflect, and engage with others and with the book.

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