A New Commentary: Romans

***Disclaimer: I received this book from InterVarsity Press (IVP, IVPress) in exchange for an honest review.

Perhaps the most beloved, and most debated, book of the Christian Scriptures is Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Together with the gospel account of John, it would seem these two books compile a sort of systematic theology for the New Testament. Paul is a beloved apostle by many, and Romans is a favorited book by many Christians across the spectrum of denominations.

Dr. F.F. Bruce’s commentary¬†Romans in the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries series is compact yet expansive in information. Its physical size is minuscule compared to, say, Matthew Henry’s commentary in one volume or Douglas Moo’s commentary on Romans. However, the size of this commentary does not determine the wealth of information inside. It is small and compact, yes, but not “compact” in knowledge.

For a commentary on Romans, one could take up four or five volumes. I think Dr. Bruce has wisely chosen the information in it. The commentary is set up as every other commentary in the series: Introduction, Analysis (outline of the book), and Commentary. I am thankful for this methodical approach to commentaries. Sometimes it is easy to become lost in the depths of historical and socio-economic research placed into commentaries. This is all well and good, but for the lay person, they can become entrapped and overwhelmed. Dr. Bruce dispenses information scholarly enough for research as well as for usage by the layperson, pastor, or student.

I am also impressed by the bibliography provided to the user in the very beginning. The mark of a well-rounded, well-researched commentary is found in the bibliography. One might be surprised the breadth of scholarship researched that is accessible and comprehensive for all educational levels. This is another fine commentary produced by IVPress and the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries series and I would recommend it to any pastor, student, or layperson for their personal library.

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