R.A. Torrey: Soul Winner 

*Disclaimer: I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

As you might guess, R.A. Torrey won souls. In fact, winning souls served as a primary motivator for ministry. Fred Sanders in How God Used R.A. Torrey takes the reader into the heart of Torrey. I felt immersed within his ministry, seeing the heart God had given him to see people won to Christ. Christ, to Torrey, became the prize of everything he did and as Christians, we should take note. 

This book by Sanders is compiled sermons from Torrey’s ministry. In these sermons Torrey preaches on everything from the proof of Christ in Scripture and the world, winning souls, the refuge needed for every person, the character of the Holy Spirit, and more. What can be common today is being preached “at”, Torrey uses this time in the pulpit (recorded in these sermons) to converse and to plead. He converses with you as one’s friend, and pleads as one’s pastor. It is astounding to witness the gripping of God on your heart through the words of a long departed saint. 

To incite you into reading this book, the following is a quote from Torrey’s sermon entitled “Every Man’s Need of Refuge” (while I recognize the title says “man,” he certainly addresses both men and women)- 

With some it is one thing and with some another. But with every man and woman of us within these four walls, there is the power of sin within ourselves, which is more than we can master. We need a hiding place from the power of sin. Is there a hiding place? I read my text again, “A man shall be as a hiding place..” (Is. 32:2). There is just one hiding place-the God-man, Jesus Christ. (p.74,78) 

That seems to be the undergirding thesis in all of these sermons. It is in Jesus we find peace, refuge, rest, and warmth. That is as true today as when Torrey spoke those words. Whether you are a seminary student, pastor, professor, blue-collar worker, or anything in between, this book needs to be on your bookshelf whether physically or on your tablet. You will find yourself convicted, challenged, and consoled. I pray God speaks to your heart through R.A. Torrey like He has for me and so many others. 

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