Journey With Tozer

***Disclaimer: I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

A.W. Tozer in The Attributes of God: Deeper Into the Father’s Heart Vol 2 converses with readers about certain attributes of God that he finds essential to our understanding of who God is. Tozer’s aim here is to reveal a personal, compassionate, caring God involved intimately in the world with His children. If you have not read the first volume, I highly recommend it as well.

Tozer leads us through the following attributes:

  1. God’s Self-Existence
  2. God’s Transcendence
  3. God’s Eternalness
  4. God’s Omnipotence
  5. God’s Immutability
  6. God’s Omniscience
  7. God’s Wisdom
  8. God’s Sovereignty
  9. God’s Faithfulness
  10. God’s Love

Though originally preached as sermons to a particular congregation, one cannot help but sense the pastoral care emanating from Tozer’s heart for not only his own congregants, but also future readers. The depth of the knowledge that Tozer possesses and his ability to communicate such theological truths is astounding.

The chapter regarding the sovereignty of God discusses the age old discussion of election, predestination, and free will. I appreciated this chapter. Though I personally do not align with more over the other (that is, Calvinism or Arminianism) I am amongst persons of both theological persuasions, and I am thankful for the graciousness in which Tozer treated the doctrine(s). Much hatred, anger, and frustration often find themselves amongst those who disagree with the doctrines mentioned above, but Tozer presents his viewpoint in a non-combative manner.

You will not sense being preached at. Rather, through his conversational nature, Tozer converses, pleads, and even challenges you to believe in the God of Scripture. One does not have to agree with every piece of theological teaching from Tozer to recognize his heart for ministering to Christians and non-Christians. The love and passion he exhibits should be traits for us all to ask the Spirit to develop within us.

Also, you’ll notice there is a study guide structured by David Fessenden following Tozer’s writing. This study guide is carefully constructed for a small group setting and/or personal devotional. Sometimes I do not know where to go next after reading a book, but having this study guide helps give direction to ponder and apply what I learned from this text. I highly recommend both volumes of The Attributes of God. You will not be disappointed with either one in your library.

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