Romans with the Early Church

***Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are solely my own.

Studying with the great Fathers of the Early Church is extraordinary. To read what they have written concerning Scripture and theological concepts found within their pages is humbling. It is a privilege to take our Bible today, read early manuscripts of the Scripture, and study with these Fathers.

Unfortunately, there are negative aspects to this commentary. It is not a truly in-depth, scholarly commentary from the Early Church. Though being scholarly in nature is certainly not a requirement for being classified as a commentary, or even a good commentary, I do prefer them to be more scholarly in nature. Because the volume is not as “deep” theologically, namely not arguing doctrinally or providing other sources from which to draw information, I would recommend this for those intrigued by the Early Church, or undergraduate students looking for a primer into Patristic thought on a particular book of Scripture. Another drawback on physical appearance. The book is rather big, though not as thick as it could be.

On the flip side of these negative comments, it is a phenomenal resource for a quick reference on what a particular father might have said. For the busy pastor, or student looking for a quote, it is an excellent resource. Also, concluding the commentary is an appendix of names of Early Church Fathers which the editors surveyed and on what portions of Scripture they commented. Following this appendix is a timeline of the early patristics, another resource of value. Finally, the editors include brief biographies of each of the surveyed Fathers. Not only is it helpful to see where they have commented in Scripture, but it is immensely helpful to see why these Fathers might be commenting what they are.

Overall, I think anyone would be pleased to have this on their book shelf, if not for being from the Early Church, then simply as a reference on the book of Romans. I think the reader will enjoy the insight provided and the variety of voices surveyed.

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